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The 5 Best Creative Writing Courses of 2023

In today’s digital age, creative writing is a coveted skill. Whether you aim to write novels, poetry, or copy, improving your skills is vital in a competitive market. With countless options available, choosing the best creative writing course can be challenging. In this article, I’m about to explore game-changing courses for you. That will set you on the path to a successful career.

5 Best Creative Writing Course

Every story begins with a single word and every writer with a single stroke of the pen. A well-structured creative writing course can change your ideas into captivating narratives. These courses are designed to awaken your inner author and guide you through your creative journey. Let’s explore the top courses of 2023 in detail.

1. Complete Copywriting Course (By Ing. Tomas Moravek)

In today’s world, copywriting is a very powerful skill. This Course empowers you to captivate audiences with your words. Also, the course dives deep into persuasive writing, teaching you how to craft compelling copy that sells.

It’s a fantastic option for you. If you’re interested in advertising, marketing, or any field where convincing an audience is crucial.


  • Comprehensive theory and practical exercises for copywriting solid skills.
  • Industry-focused, ideal for marketing or advertising careers.


  • Not ideal for artistic writers.

2. Creative Writing Masterclass (By Phil Ebiner)

The Creative Writing Masterclass explores fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction in a captivating way. It explains literary techniques, narrative structures, and character development.

This course is perfect for aspiring novelists, poets, and essayists. It offers an opportunity to refine skills and learn from established voices in the field.


  • High-profile authors, unique insights.
  • A broad range of writing genres, and diverse interests.
  • Practical exercises, active learning.


  • Not genre-specific.
  • Overwhelming for beginners.

3. COMPLETE Creative Writing Course (By Trace Crawford)

Aiming to be a one-stop-shop for writers of all levels. The COMPLETE Creative Writing Course covers an array of genres. From short stories, novels, scripts, and poetry, allowing you to explore the intricacies of each form.

It’s not just about theory; this course encourages you to flex your writing muscles. It also provides you with constructive feedback to sharpen your skills.


  • Comprehensive content across many writing genres.
  • Practical exercises for immediate application.
  • Constructive feedback for skill development.


  • Not genre-specific.
  • Limited personal feedback in larger classes.

4. Write a Novel Outline from Scratch (By Andrew Butcher)

One of the most challenging aspects of novel writing is plotting. Write a Novel Outline from Scratch that focuses on this crucial skill. This course guides you step by step, helping you create a strong outline for your story.

By taking this course, you’ll get essential tools and knowledge to build a strong foundation for your storytelling. With a solid foundation, you’ll navigate the complexities of your narrative.


  • Focuses on plotting and outlining for novel writing skills.
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced writers struggling with structure.
  • Offers a simplified, step-by-step process.


  • Not comprehensive.
  • Assumes a preference for plotting may not suit pantsers.

5. Write Your First Novel (By David Wheeler)

Are you eager to write your first novel, but unsure where to begin? This course is the perfect guide to help you through the process. This course offers tangible guidance on every aspect of novel writing. Which makes it less intimidating. You’ll receive comprehensive instruction covering key elements of novel writing. From developing a gripping plot to creating believable characters and immersive settings.

By taking this course, you’ll gain the confidence and necessary skills. Which helps to start your journey as a novelist and bring your story to life.


  • Designed for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to novel writing.
  • Covers all key aspects from the initial idea to final editing.
  • Focuses on practical exercises for hands-on learning.


  • Less beneficial for experienced or published writers.
  • Course pace may be slow for those already familiar with the basics.


1. How do I find the perfect creative writing course for me?

Choosing the ideal creative writing course is based on your specific goals. Consider what you hope to achieve with your writing, and look for a course that best aligns with these goals.

2. Are online creative writing courses worth it?

Absolutely. Online creative writing courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to learn quickly. They can provide valuable insights into the writing process. Also, teach you new techniques, and help improve your writing skills.

3. Can I become a professional writer by taking these courses?

While these courses can enhance your writing skills and understanding of the craft. Becoming a professional writer also involves practice. But, these courses can provide the foundational knowledge needed to start your writing career.

4. What kind of feedback will I get in these courses?

Most of these courses provide opportunities for feedback on your work. This could be from the course instructors themselves, guest lecturers, or your peers. Feedback guides your growth by highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

5. Can I interact with the instructor or other students in these courses?

Yes, many online courses foster a sense of community among learners. This can be through discussion forums, peer review sessions, or direct interactions with instructors. It’s a great way to learn from others, share ideas, and get constructive criticism on your work.

6. What are the 7 types of creative writing?

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoir
  • Songwriting
  • Flash fiction


When choosing the best creative writing course, it’s essential to consider your goals. Each course has its unique strengths. Whether your interest lies in copywriting or other areas, there’s a course that fits your needs. Choose the best one and begin your creative journey today.

Fernando Sand

Fernando Sand is a seasoned writer and career consultant at CoursePendent.com, a premier platform offering guidance in the pursuit of diverse courses and professional pathways. Fernando's career journey began in the bustling city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he honed his skills in journalism, copywriting, blogging and communication. His passion for education and career development combined with his writing prowess led him to a unique vocation: elucidating the complexities of academic pursuits, career and courses recommendations to empower individuals around the globe.

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