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Is YouTube Automation Worth It in 2023? Mind Blowing Facts

You see, everyone has been jumping into YouTube for the past couple of years. Whether it’s a school kid or a high-end professional. They want to be recognized by millions and grow their digital presence.

However, before starting anything on this platform you should know Is Youtube Automation Worth it, legit and profitable? Because each second of effort counts in today’s rapidly changing times.

So, let’s find out the fact-based answer and explore what are the things which can set you apart from the rest.

What is YouTube automation?

what is youtube automation

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, automation has become a powerhouse for content creation and distribution. One platform where automation is making significant waves is YouTube. 

But what is YouTube automation, and how can it revolutionize the way content creators, like you, operate? Buckle up, as I’m about to explore this innovative concept that’s changing the game.

The Essence of YouTube Automation

YouTube automation is the utilization of specialized tools and software to streamline and enhance the process of creating, uploading, and promoting videos on the platform. 

It’s like having a virtual assistant that works tirelessly, ensuring your content reaches the desired audience efficiently and effectively. In a nutshell, it’s about working smarter, not harder.

Moreover, youtube automation invloves the process of video production without doing anything by yourself. You will have a team and few tools to operate your faceless channels.

Why YouTube Automation?

Imagine a world where tedious tasks like editing, uploading, and scheduling are taken care of effortlessly. That’s the magic of YouTube automation.

It not only saves precious time but also ensures consistency, boosting the visibility and engagement of your content. It’s a secret weapon every serious YouTuber is adding to their arsenal.

3 Things to Beat Competition for YouTube Automation

Since it’s not about the video content only. In fact, it’s a whole process to follow. Here are the three things which help you to stand out among the folk’s competition.

  1. Thumbnails

First of all, when was the last time you opened Youtube, and why did you click on a video? Because of its attractive thumbnail.

Of course.

According to Vevo, the view count percentage has gone to 4000% after changing their thumbnails. It means that the first impression is the last rule that applies to Youtube.

  1. Video Editing

A superb catchy thumbnail can bring the most viewers, but editing engages the viewers to stay. You may see there are some channels having thousands of views but not much engagement. The reason is that they are not focusing on the editing aspects. A video should have animation, transitions, and a creative touch to increase viewers’ stay time.

  1. Storytelling & VoiceOvers

From ancient times till now, as humans, we understand concepts with the help of storytelling. When normal facts and figures are defined to us with a timeline, the story is told. It sticks in our memory for a long time; therefore, if you win the game of addressing the channel audience with storytelling. The chances of gaining automation success are much higher.

On the other hand, voiceovers add more crips in videos. The highs and lows of tones can deliver the feeling of one-on-one interactions. So, make sure to invest in a good mic and a talented voice artist for the next project. You can also use AI voice tools such as Listnr, Murf.ai, and Speechify.

Is YouTube Automation Worth it and Profitable in 2023?

is youtube automation legit

Yes, YouTube automation is worth starting in 2023. The ROI of this online business is up to 70% of the efforts. Meanwhile, there are many factors to consider.

As time is money, in fact, more than money. You don’t want to invest your time in the wrong direction, which can cause regret later. So make sure to add these avoiding tips to your list before launching a new channel.

1) Wrong Niche Selection & Keyword Research

You have to choose a niche that brings thousands of dollars from YouTube videos. It allows you to attract a similar interest of viewers. A good channel focuses on only one niche at a time and uploads relevant content.

For instance, the Eco-Friendly Tech niche only covers the latest safe gadgets for planet Earth. It doesn’t have any harmful effects on living organisms.

2) Investing in Uneffective Courses

Many Grus show the lifestyle to attract newbies. But in reality, their purpose is to make money from selling courses. Most of the time, they show things they don’t own. It hooks the starter that they have a luxurious life which they want too. So, I advise you to keep away from them and put real effort into the work.

3) Outsourcing Work to Unpros

Cost-cutting at the start is a great idea to reinvest in other things. But when cutting costs gives poor quality video, it should be avoided. Therefore, you need a great team that can produce high-end content. Whether it’s editing or the storyline, everything seems to be professional.

4) Quitting Early

A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. Right!

Isn’t it?

Unlike when you upload some hundred-plus videos on the Automation channel, don’t expect extraordinary results. There are tons of influencers who have been uploading videos for years and keep going.

Suddenly, one of their videos went viral, and their luck changed overnight. That’s how most of us think. But in reality, they are consistent with the work.

Also, every time a video doesn’t perform well, they figure out the cause of it. So, remember it’s better to keep it as a marathon, not a 200-meter race, as you want to enjoy its benefits for a long.

Is YouTube Automation Legit and Legal to do?

is youtube automation legal

YouTube Automation can be done using advanced tools and software to automate various aspects of content creation and distribution on YouTube. From video editing, thumbnail creation, to SEO optimization, these tools promise a world where quality content reaches the right audience at the right time. But with great power comes great responsibility. But you should understand the legal framework that surrounds this innovation.

The Legal Landscape

YouTube’s policies are crafted to ensure a fair and safe environment for all users. So, when we dive into the realm of automation, abiding by these guidelines is paramount. Is YouTube Automation legal? Yes, provided it adheres to YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Content Creation: Automation tools that assist in enhancing the quality of content, like video editing software, are not just legal but encouraged.
  • SEO Optimization: Tools that help optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags, ensuring content reaches its intended audience, are generally accepted.
  • Audience Engagement: Automation in audience engagement, like auto-comments or likes, can be a gray area and should be approached with caution.

Ethical Considerations

While navigating the legalities, ethics play a pivotal role. Legitimacy extends beyond legal boundaries; it encapsulates ensuring authenticity and value for the audience. You should not compromise, the quality and integrity of content in the automation.

Safety First

Protecting your channel and audience should be the north star guiding your automation journey. Always opt for trusted and well-reviewed tools. Ensure they align with YouTube’s policies to keep your channel in safe harbors, steering clear of potential penalties or bans.

My Take: A Balanced Approach

So, is YouTube Automation legit and legal? Absolutely, when done right. It’s about striking a delicate balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and adhering to the ethical and legal guidelines laid down by YouTube. In the world of automation, being informed is your superpower.

How Does YouTube Automation Work

does youtube automation work

How does YouTube automation work? That’s the question in the minds of every YouTube business model lover. YouTube automation generally seems like automating the process. But, it’s more like a business approach to automate your tasks and make good revenue.

Moreover, in YouTube automation, you’ll need to build your production team. The production team will work on your requirements and the tasks you give them.

Additionally, In my vast experience in YouTube automation and making more than $24,000, you need a few productivity tools like Trello or Notion.

Furthermore, you’ll need to do SEO keyword research. Keyword research is the most important part. If you’re not aware of it then consider doing the best YouTube courses.

With keyword research and finding the most profitable video ideas, you can make great income. After that, you’ll need to assign keywords to your production team. Your team will do the rest of the tasks and you’ll see the great stats on your channel.

5 Ways to Monetize your Youtube Automation Channel

There is not a single method to monetize the channel. Your goal shouldn’t be to get monetization approval. But to create a funnel that converts viewers to buyers. As your channel has a static audience every month, you can convert them easily.

1) Official Method: YouTube Partner Program

When it comes to earning from YouTube, it’s the first method that comes to everyone’s mind. Many of the applicants fulfill the requirements within a short period.

At the same time, others complete just before the end date. They should have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to get monetization. Once they’re marked, you can send the application for showing ads on videos.

2) Private Memberships

Have you ever heard a Youtuber say, “Subscribe to my Patreon” or something similar?

If yes, then these are the income flows for them. It allows the creators to present premium content to paid viewers.

Although they’re providing researched content on the main channel. Yet, with paid ones, viewers get more insights behind the scenes.

3) Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a multiple-way earning method. One is the video review of a product (physical or digital). The second is getting commissions from the sales of similar products. Suppose you review a fitness band on a channel, then add the affiliate link in the video descriptions.

Whenever someone buys from the link, you’ll get a dedicated percentage of it.

So, choose a top Affiliate Marketing program and double your income.

4) Direct Selling of Products or Services

Moreover, you can bring some more cash with creative storytelling and regular engagement with viewers. Many fans want to buy the customized products offered by the creators.

Further, you can set up an online store with Shopify without worrying about the technical aspects. Then refer to the audience towards the store in videos. You’ll bring a lot of conversions through this brand-building technique.

5) Getting Sponsorships

Sponsors are great for increasing passive income sources. The best way to get a sponsor is to go for the niche-based products you’re discussing. They will pay a handsome amount which you can exchange for an honest review with the audience. Make sure to select the sponsors carefully because the viewer’s trust is more important than the money.


To sum up the above, now you understand the platform’s power. For now, the question Is YouTube automation worth it? is clear. So, you can start your own brand new channel by keeping the above things in mind. It will help you to bring the results within a minimum timeframe. Tell me in the comment section what’s your favorite niche for the YouTube automation business model.

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