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Top 7 Best YouTube Courses of 2023 | Learn Video Automation!

YouTube is a powerful platform for sharing knowledge and building successful careers. If you’re a content creator or a business owner, the best YouTube course can change the game. Finding the best course can be daunting, but don’t worry! In this article, I’m about to explore critical factors and recommend top YouTube courses for you.

What is YouTube?

YouTube, a platform that doesn’t need an introduction, is the world’s second-largest search engine. It’s a video-sharing platform where millions of users watch and upload their videos. YouTube content varies, encompassing everything from educational tutorials to live gaming. This customization makes it a crucial tool for marketers seeking to reach a wider audience.

What is the Best YouTube Course?

With many online courses, finding the right fit can be daunting. The best YouTube automation, marketing, and SEO course depends on your specific needs. Whether you want to learn video automation, editing, SEO, or how to monetize your channel.

Why It’s Vital to Choose the Right YouTube Course

A well-designed YouTube course can provide valuable insights into content creation, channel growth strategies, and more. Investing in a reputable YouTube course can save you from trial and error. This helps you to maximize your chances of success in this competitive space. 

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing a YouTube Course:

a) Expertise and Credibility

b) Course Content and Structure

c) Student Testimonials and Reviews

d) Support and Community

Best YouTube Course in 2023 

The following courses offer comprehensive learning paths led by industry experts. They teach you how to craft engaging content and unveil the mysteries of YouTube’s algorithm. 

1) Tube Mastery and Monetization by Matt Par (Editor’s Pick)

best youtube courses

I recently enrolled in the “Tube Mastery and Monetization” course by Matt Par, and I’d like to share my thoughts and experiences with fellow learners who are considering taking this course. In, “Tube Mastery and Monetization” you’ll learn the power of YouTube to create a successful channel and generate income through monetization strategies. It is one of the best youtube automation mastery course. Here’s a comprehensive review based on my experience:

In this course, you’ll see many helpful modules related to YouTube automation, channel creation, content optimization, and monetization. 

From identifying niche ideas and setting up your channel to creating engaging content and utilizing SEO techniques, the course provides a well-structured framework for beginners to understand the YouTube ecosystem. 

Additionally, the inclusion of case studies and real-life examples adds practical value to the learning experience.

Matt Par is an experienced YouTuber who shares his insights and strategies clearly and concisely. His personal success on YouTube makes him a good teacher. 

Moreover, Matt’s explanations are easy to follow, and he breaks down complex concepts into understandable steps. However, there were moments when more in-depth explanations or alternative approaches would have been beneficial.

In this course, you’ll get recorded video lectures. The video quality is good, and the material is well-organized. The pacing of the lectures is generally appropriate for beginners, although some segments could have been shorter to maintain engagement. Additionally, quizzes and assignments help reinforce learning, but additional interactive elements could enhance the overall learning experience.

The course provides valuable insights into various monetization methods, including AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content. Matt Par shares practical tips on how to grow your channel to a point where these strategies become viable. The information is actionable and can guide you in turning your channel into a potential income stream.

The course offers access to a community forum where students can interact, ask questions, and share their progress. While this is a helpful addition, the level of interaction and engagement from both instructors and peers could be improved to create a more dynamic learning environment.

Due to the comprehensive knowledge provided in the course this course price is a little high. The potential return on investment is high, especially if you are committed to implementing the strategies taught and are passionate about building a successful YouTube channel.

Additionally, you can see my channel’s earning stats after implementing Matt’s strategies.

how to earn from youtube

Enroll Now in Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 by Matt Par

“Tube Mastery and Monetization” by Matt Par is a solid course for you if you want to learn the actual secrets of channel creation, video viral techniques, content optimization, and monetization ways. 

Moreover, The course covers essential aspects of the YouTube journey and equips learners with valuable strategies for building a successful channel. While there is room for improvement in terms of course delivery and community engagement, the knowledge gained from the course can undoubtedly set you on the right path toward YouTube success.

Final Verdict: I recommend “Tube Mastery and Monetization” to you if you are eager to learn how to leverage YouTube for personal brand growth and potential income generation. With Matt Par’s guidance, you can gain a solid foundation and the necessary tools to thrive in the competitive world of YouTube content creation.


  • Youtube automation (Faceless channels) ideas
  • Monetization ways for quick return on investments
  • Video SEO right strategies
  • Easy-to-understand course content


  • Reasonably high price

Enroll Now in Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 by Matt Par

2) YouTube Marketing Full Course (By Alex Genadinik)

best youtube automation course

Begin your YouTube journey by immersing yourself in this comprehensive YouTube Marketing course. Perfect for individuals aiming to leverage YouTube as a marketing tool. 

This course covers everything you need to know to create an appealing YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to craft engaging content that connects with your viewers and optimize your videos for maximum visibility. The Modules cover basic setup, channel branding, and YouTube SEO strategies.


  • Extensive coverage of YouTube marketing strategies.
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediates.
  • It helps understand YouTube’s marketing potential.


  • It may be overly essential for experienced marketers.
  • Lacks advanced techniques for advanced marketers.

Enroll Now in YouTube Marketing Full Course By Alex Genadinik

3) YouTube Masterclass (By Phil Ebiner)

best youtube marketing course

The YouTube Masterclass is a step into the minds of successful YouTubers. This course provides an in-depth exploration of creating top-notch videos. This helps you understand YouTube analytics and effective ways to engage with the YouTube community. 

The real-world advice shared by successful YouTubers adds a layer of authenticity and relatability, making the course a practical guide for those looking to succeed on YouTube.


  • Expert advice from successful YouTubers.
  • Emphasizes community engagement for channel growth.


  • Less emphasis on the technical aspects of video production.
  • Not suitable for those wanting to learn video editing.

Enroll Now in YouTube Masterclass By Phil Ebiner

4) Strategic Ways to Build a Successful Business on YouTube (By Howard Lynch)

best youtube course for beginners

If you’re looking to transform your YouTube channel into a profitable venture. The Build a Business on YouTube course is perfect for you. This course focuses on the entrepreneurial aspect of YouTube, guiding students on how to monetize their channel. They create engaging sponsored content and negotiate brand partnerships. 

The modules explore YouTube’s Partner Program, affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, and other monetization opportunities. They also provide a comprehensive understanding of YouTube’s potential for generating income.


  • Strong focus on monetization strategies.
  • Excellent for aspiring entrepreneurs building a business on YouTube.


  • Less suited for YouTube users using it as a hobby or creative outlet.
  • Less emphasis on content creation techniques.

Enroll Now in Strategic Ways to Build a Successful Business on YouTube By Howard Lynch

5) How to Grow Your YouTube Channel (By Mike Holp)

best youtube course for experts

Stepping into the realm of YouTube without a roadmap can be daunting. The ‘How to Grow Your YouTube Channel’ course serves as a guide. It assists in understanding how to connect with your intended audience. And how to create engaging content and leverage YouTube’s algorithm for growth.

It covers best practices for tagging, thumbnail creation, and video descriptions. They also share invaluable insights on user engagement strategies to help your channel grow.


  • Excellent focus on growth strategies.
  • Focus on user engagement. 


  • It may not cover the basics of setting up a YouTube channel in-depth.
  • More suitable for individuals who already have a channel up and running.

Enroll Now in How to Grow Your YouTube Channel By Mike Holp

6) YouTube SEO SECRETS Course (By Sumner Hobart)

best youtube seo course

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing the visibility of your videos. The YouTube SEO course is designed to help you master this aspect. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use keywords, writes descriptions, and tag your videos correctly to reach the widest possible audience.


  • A comprehensive guide to YouTube SEO.
  • Critical for maximizing video visibility.


  • The course may be technical.
  • It can be challenging for those not familiar with SEO basics.

Enroll Now in YouTube SEO SECRETS Course By Sumner Hobart

7) YouTube Channel Growth (By Roi Business)

how to grow youtube channel

This course is designed for those aiming for long-term YouTube success. It enables you to plan a solid game plan, define your content style, and schedule uploads. In this course, you’ll understand the effective ways to interact with your audience. The course equips you with the strategies to manage your YouTube channel.


  • Ideal for creators who need a structured plan.
  • Strong focus on long-term strategies.


  • Less emphasis on video production techniques.
  • Not suited for those wanting to learn technical aspects of video creation.

Enroll Now in YouTube Channel Growth By Roi Business


1. How do I become a YouTuber?

You need to follow these steps to become a YouTuber :

  1. Identify Your Niche
  2. Create a YouTube Channel
  3. Plan Your Content
  4. Produce High-Quality Videos
  5. Optimize Your Videos for SEO
  6. Engage with Your Audience
  7. Consistently Upload Content
  8. Promote Your Channel

2. Can I do many YouTube courses at the same time? 

Yes, but focusing on one course at a time is better to grasp and implement the learnings fully.

3. How soon after taking a YouTube course can I see the effects?

The impact on your YouTube performance depends on many factors. Including your application of the course learnings, your content quality, and the engagement of your target audience. It’s a gradual process, but you should see improvement over time with consistent effort.

4. Are there free YouTube courses available?

Yes, free courses are available, But they may not offer as comprehensive coverage as paid ones. They’re a good starting point for beginners.


In conclusion, selecting the best YouTube course is vital for YouTube’s success. Consider factors like expertise, course content, testimonials, and support. Whether you’re a beginner or aiming to enhance your skills. These courses offer a wealth of knowledge to help you excel on YouTube.

Moreover, I’d recommend you enroll in Matt Par’s youtube mastery course for massive success in a short period!

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