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Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online Free with Certificate

Whether you pick up a smartphone, sit in a car, or have some cleaning to do. You’ll find artificial intelligence everywhere. In this blog post, I’ll present the best Artificial Intelligence course you can learn as a beginner.

From autopilot cars to waiter robots, AI intervention is growing day by day. Since stepping forward seems only possible with it in the 21st century, there is a need to learn it and get financial and physical benefits from it.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

First of all, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a field of computer science. It aims to create machines that can perform tasks that usually need human intelligence. These tasks include learning, decision-making, language understanding, and problem-solving, as AI is usable in many areas of life such as healthcare, transport, and finance.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence? From AI for beginners to advanced AI training, online AI learning platforms offer a range of courses. Explore artificial intelligence degree programs and AI specialization programs. Enhance your skills with AI and robotics training, or delve into computer vision courses. The future of AI awaits!

Trend of AI

AI is becoming more and more common in many areas. It is used in self-driving cars, medical research, and online shopping. Companies are making a lot of investments in AI to improve services and products. It is also getting better at understanding human speech and text.

Are you looking to dive into the world of artificial intelligence? Explore the best online AI courses to kickstart your AI career development. From AI curriculum to AI coursework, these AI training institutes offer a chance to learn AI from scratch. Unlock the future with comprehensive AI education.

Whether old tech giants or new startups, everyone aims to utilize its power and integrate it into their systems. Such as Microsoft had a massive alliance with OpenAI and used the backend on their Bing Search Engine. It allowed them to get the attention of web-browsing users and break the monopoly of Google.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://ssl.gstatic.com/trends_nrtr/3461_RC01/embed_loader.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparison item”:[{“keyword”: “/m/0mkz”, “geo”:”  “, “time”: “today 12-m”}], “category” :0, “property”:”  “}, {“exploreQuery”: “q=%2Fm%2F0mkz&date=today 12-m”, “guestPath”: “https://trends.google.com:443/trends/embed/”}); </script>

However, to compete with this evolution, Google launched the BardAI tool. But till now, it has yet to reach popularity. The reason here is Microsoft gained the first-mover advantage.

Pursuing AI Career

The AI industry is experiencing a significant boom, notably in job opportunities. Hiring in this sector has surged by 32% over the past couple of years, indicating a great demand for skilled professionals.

However, this growth also highlights a concerning talent gap. There are numerous vacant positions, but not enough qualified applicants to fill them. This scarcity has turned AI into a profitable field for those with the proper skill set.

Meanwhile, professionals often earn salaries well above the $100,000 mark. Beyond high pay, the dynamic nature of this evolving industry offers a wealth of multiple growth opportunities.

Whether you want to become a freelancer, consultant, researcher, or practitioner, AI careers offer flexibility. You even have the chance to innovate by creating your own AI products. Or be an ally of a giant tech company to deliver the skills.

Who can Pursue AI?

AI is a technical field from scratch to pro, but it is exciting and made for self-learners. Any new advancement digs the old technologies in a grave and gives birth to endless new opportunities—therefore, a computer science student, software engineer, career shifter, or who has a burning desire can pursue it.

At the start, you’ll learn the fundamentals of it, such as the concept behind AI, working, and implementation. Yet, with each step forward, you’ll start getting a grip on it. Even if someone doesn’t want to learn it, getting how-know can benefit them too.

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For instance, a cleaning firm CEO is shifting to AI systems to improve workflow and productivity. The priority is to hire a software engineer to build the system and make it operational. If he knows of it, he can employ cream talent. Otherwise, the candidate can cost his time and money.

7 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses to Start Learning Today

Till now, you understand the aspects for which this career is ideal. As well as who can step in. So, it’s time to discuss the top-notch content available in the form of courses to learn.

1. AI For Everyone

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.8 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 38,771+
  • Shareable on Linkedin: Yes
  • Number of students: 1,031,412
  • Instructor’s Name: Andrew Ng
  • Course Duration: 10 hours approx

First of all, Andrew Ng is teaching the “AI for Everyone” course on the Coursera platform. This course is designed for beginners like you who have no idea of artificial intelligence. The instructor did an excellent presentation with case studies to amuse the learners. 

Similarly, with quizzes and exercises, you’ll gain more confidence in what you’re learning. The pace of this course is flexible to start with 9 videos on the introduction of AI along with a quiz.

After that, you’ll deep dive into building AI projects. Here, you’ll get info about the tool’s requirements and how to use them effectively. Thirdly, it’ll cover the content of Building AI in your Company for growth.

Meanwhile, at last, you’ll be gone through the opportunities available in the job market. Most of the students claimed it was a well-structured and insightful course. This means they have prior knowledge of AI before enrolling in it. While, after completion, they’re not the same as before.

So, you can be their batch mates and make an impact on this world—those who can’t afford high fees and are financially unstable. I have good news for them. Since financial aid is available for this course, the deserving one can apply and benefit from it.

Before I wrap this up, its subtitles are available in 19+ languages from around the world. This means regardless of your origin, you have the opportunity to learn it with full passion. That’s why I highly recommend this course from DeepLearning.AI.

Week-Wise Syllabus

Here’s a breakdown of the syllabus from day one to the end of the month:

Week 1:

  • Introduction to AI and machine learning.
  • Understanding data and AI terminologies.
  • Capabilities and limitations of machine learning.
  • Optional non-technical deep learning overview.

Week 2:

  • Machine learning workflow and data science projects.
  • Importance of data in various job roles.
  • Selecting and working on AI projects.
  • Optional content on technical tools for AI teams.

Week 3:

  • Case studies: Smart speaker & Self-driving car.
  • Role dynamics within an AI team.
  • Strategies for AI transformation.
  • Optional overviews of major AI areas and techniques.

Week 4:

  • Realistic perspectives on AI.
  • Addressing bias, adversarial attacks, and potential harmful AI uses.
  • AI’s global impact: economies and job markets.
  • Optional mentoring opportunity for learners.


2. Machine Learning Specialization

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.9 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 14,464+
  • Shareable on Linkedin: Yes
  • Number of students: 250,167
  • Course Duration: 72 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Andrew Ng, Geoff Ladwig, Aarti Bagul, Eddy Shyu

Are you done with AI for everyone on the first course of our recommendation list?

Well, it’s time to move to the second one, “Machine Learning Specialization.” As its name sounds, it is focused explicitly on ML. Since Machine Learning is a significant part of AI studying, it will open up the blockways.

ML backs every algorithm and system and improves itself daily. The manual instructions play a vital role in developing it with proper education. That’s why in this Coursera course, there are four specialists. Each segment is divided as per the instructor’s knowledge, and some are collaborative.

You may ask if one of the instructors sounds similar to me!

Yes, that’s true.

He is Andrew Ng, the previous course instructor here as well. With more than 250k+ students, this course is gaining more attention from newbies.

However, the syllabus is perfectly crafted and contains over 72 hours of video content. It means the full 3-days, covering the nitty gritty of every aspect of AI. You can build ML models using NumPy & sci-kit-learn. Also, train specific models for future predictions and setup & binary classification tasks.

Ideal for:

Those who think the AI for Everyone (1st course) content or syllabus needs longer. Meanwhile, they need more content to cover. This one is a perfect fit to get the knowledge from the top four instructors.

Further, those who are already in the field want clarity on some aspects. They can also add it to their bucket list. The recall of fundamentals will make their knowledge more solid.

Tip: You can skip the already-known section to save time and set your own pace.


3. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™ 2023: Build an AI with ChatGPT4

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.4 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 26,235+
  • Number of students: 225,469
  • Shareable on Social Media: Yes
  • Course Status: Udemy Best Seller
  • Course Duration: 17 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Jordan Sauchuk, Luka Anicin, Kirill Eremenko, Hadelin de Ponteves

Thirdly, let’s discuss the Udemy Courses now.

In “AI A-Z 2023,” you’ll understand the core concept of AI. This best-seller course will teach to combine Data Science, ML, and DL to create robust AI programs.

The content of the course is divided into 22 sections with sub-topics and 128 lectures. Each tutorial starts with a blank screen like yours. To write code from scratch, an instructor will be there. Plus, 20 articles to read and comprehend and 3 downloadable resources are also in the deal.

Yet, having basic Python skills will be a great plus point. It will make things easier and more understandable. Passionate high school math students also resonate and stick to the concept quickly.

However, at the start, a beginner can be stuck in the coding process. Thanks to the instructors for providing the templates. It saves time and allows us to maintain the learning flow. Students need to download them and modify them a bit as needed.

What about the application of the content? You’ll learn how to make a Self Driving Car (virtually) and make AI games.

Sounds interesting!

Also, make an AI to beat games, solving real-life problems by using your entrepreneurial mindset with AI.

ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0

Many beginners need clarification on whether they should utilize the free version to reduce the paid cost. Or invest in the paid version of ChatGpt.

Since ChatGPT is fantastic at generating tons of code. Meanwhile, with its free 3.5 version, there are some cons, such as redundancy and replication. That’s why you should consider the pro 4.0 version for better and more creative results.


4. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.8 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 9,734+
  • Number of students: 44,444+
  • Shareable on Social Media: Yes
  • Course Status: Udemy Best Seller
  • Course Duration: 15 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Lazy Programmer Team

Are you among those who are wondering about the mechanism behind Google’s AlphaGo and self-driving cars?

If yes, keep going…

When it comes to entering the field of artificial intelligence (AI), there’s a growing trend: Reinforcement Learning (RL). Well, this course is for you as a golden VIP ticket.

In the start, you’ll learn the application of gradient-based supervised machine learning. It uses reinforcement learning, presenting a charming fusion of two dominant AI paradigms. This integration allows a more profound grasp of algorithms and optimization for better efficiency.

Not only does this approach solve complex problems, but it also makes room for groundbreaking solutions. Such as from gaming AI to automated trading, all will be under one roof.

Swim deeper, the course uncovers reinforcement learning at a technical level. Meaning you’ll memorize more than just the surface-level knowledge but the actual methodologies.

Although supervised and unsupervised learning have their merits, both are in the syllabus. Since training an AI is similar to teaching humans or animals, it’s interesting how AI teaching aligns with psychology and brain insights. Therefore, we believe that this might be our best shot at making a truly smart AI.

In addition, each algorithm is like a unique tool in a toolbox designed for specific tasks and challenges. By tasting them individually, you’ll learn the art of using the right tool at the right time. It will save time and diversify the process at all stages.

That’s why this course is a fresh challenge to step outside traditional AI frameworks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement supervised machine learning techniques using gradients.
  • Learn technical aspects of reinforcement learning.
  • Grasp the connections between RL and human psychology.
  • Master the application of 17 unique RL strategies.

See you inside!


5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.4 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 4,483+
  • Number of students: 15,283+
  • Shareable on Social Media: Yes
  • Course Duration: 6 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Analytics Vidhya

Are you a CxO, Manager, entrepreneur, or Team Leader?

If yes, let’s shake your hand with this AI & Machine course for business. Analytics Vidhya’s approach is specifically targeted to business domain learners.

It aims to educate the business sector leadership about AI empowerment. Those who have big corporations but are struggling due to technological revolution. They can implement the latest strategies to get one step ahead in the competitive market.

However, it is a common scenario that business students are very good at conceptual things. Yet, when it comes to technical aspects, they may not perform well. That’s why this class is to play the role of bridge between learners and ML.

If I talk about its tutorial length, they’re nearly six hours of sessions. The total number of sections is 15, divided into 48 lectures. The candidate doesn’t need to have any prior knowledge of AI. This course syllabus is simple and has no fluff content in it. 

Further, there are many misconceptions associated with AI. This course will clarify them and make your concepts crystal clear.

Ideal for:

Once again, MBA Students, business graduates, and entrepreneurs are its central focus. Anyone from a business background or working in a similar environment is encouraged to take this opportunity.

Since these professionals need more time to sit in a physical class and conduct regular sessions. This on-the-go option is easy and accessible to them according to flexible learning. It will allow them to apply the technological concepts and optimize their business processes.


6. Artificial Intelligence for Business + ChatGPT Bonus [2023]

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.4 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 3,317+
  • Number of students: 28,055+
  • Shareable on Social Media: Yes
  • Course Duration: 15 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko, SuperDataScience Team, Agency Team

Talking about AI in 2023 without ChatGpt is a dry conversation.

Do you think similar too?

Well, Kirill Eremenko & Hadelin de Ponteves’s AI course is another gift for business people. After stepping into this course, I was immediately impressed by its approach to business process optimization. It effortlessly uncovers foundational principles using top-notch techniques.

Meanwhile, it puts focus on mastering the General AI Framework. After that, Q-Learning implementation showcases the course’s commitment to practicality. That’s how the modules on saving and loading stand out from the rest and are not merely theoretical concepts.

However, it’s the balance of efficiency and commercial usage above all. At the same time, many AI programs focus on maximizing outputs, which is excellent.

Yet, this one also explores revenue maximization and cost minimization. With a total of 15 hours of tutorial, it is separated into 18 sections and 118 lectures.

Further, you’ll learn how to build an Artificial Brain and a virtual environment from scratch. Since we better resonate with real-life examples, there’s a case study section also. It presents the operational work running successfully by other firms. The course outline has a problem, solution, and implementation cycle.

Special Bonus

There’s a 100 Pages of E-Book covering everything in detail, such as:

3 AI Models:

  • Q-Learning
  • Deep Q-Learning
  • Thompson Sampling

Code Templates:

  • Tips & Tricks
  • Early Stopping
  • Homework & Solutions
  • Saving/Loading Models
  • General AI Framework [Blueprint]

So, what’s your decision for this course?

When you’re going to explore the world of AI from a business perspective?

I highly recommend it from my personal experience and the platform’s ease for passionates.

See you there!


7. The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Unity 2022)

At a Glance

  • Ratings: 4.6 ⭐
  • Best for: Beginner level
  • Number of reviews: 2,414+
  • Number of students: 40,531+
  • Shareable on Social Media: Yes
  • Course Duration: 30 hours approx
  • Instructor’s Name: Penny de Byl & Penny @Holistic3D.com

Finally, the last best artificial intelligence course on our list is Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. This giant course has 30+ hours of tutorials, 17 articles, and 129 downloadable resources. These are golden nuggets for any beginner stepping into the AI world.

Suppose you’ve ever been curious about how to make your computer game characters. Or wondered about the secrets behind game character intelligence, this is for you!

Crash it and discover the magic that brings these characters to life. It’s perfect for anyone passionate about how games give their characters that spark.

Likewise, the core of this course moves around the AI in computer games using C#. Meanwhile, the instructor, Penny, reveals most of her 30 years of experience in the game development industry.

As you move further, you’ll learn the changes in graphics and other aspects of games in the current time.

In addition, my experience with the course content is impressive, but here’s what other student says:

“This Udemy-Unity course is outstanding. From zero knowledge about game AI, it boosted my understanding significantly, covering waypoints, pathfinding, state machines, and more. It uncovers everything about how computer characters appear so lifelike.”

That’s just one of the student testimonials. There are tons of more who were not a pro in this field. Yet, after consuming and applying the content, they gained so much knowledge and are now earning handsome income.

Last but not least, the job market for AI game developers is highly demanding. Make sure to complete this course from intro to outro, exercises, and attempt quizzes.

After that, apply for the certification of completion to attach along with your resume and win a high-paying job.



Let’s wrap up the above best artificial intelligence course with our verdict. Now, you are aware of the nitty-gritty of each course in detail. There are two Coursera and five Udemy courses mentioned above. Now the choice is yours, whether to go for the University-associated tutorial on the Coursera platform. Or select the independent professional’s content on Udemy. Both platforms offer high value with support. Another factor is the timeline course; many are short, and at the same time, others are lengthy. At this stage, understand your preferences and then choose accordingly.

I wish you the best from my side.

Keep Learning AI!

Fernando Sand

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