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From Newbie to Pro: The Best Blogging Course Selections for Every Level

Bloggers are the previous generation of vlogging content creators on websites. Instead of uploading video content, they publish articles and blog posts on their sites. It’s been a very amazing industry since the date of the first search engine going public.

Yet, there are many newbies who have no idea about this unfamous but potential career. Therefore, you’ll explore the best blogging course to start your journey in this article.

All of the courses mentioned below are selected to keep the research authenticity and value for money. So, either you’re doing some job, part-time work, or anything to earn a living. These courses will enable you to jump into blogging as a full-time blogger.

Why do you need a Blogging course?

Well, that’s the same question running in someone’s mind before purchasing a course. As per my experience and expert’s verdict, blogging is a trial and error field than youtube. No one can claim his / her as a pro in it. The reason behind it is very simple. After some time, search engines like Google and Bing released their new update for search algorithms. The already-ranked website has some effects, either positive or negative.

However, there’s a chance of getting a de-rank website after these updates. To cope with this issue, bloggers must constantly update their blogs.

For a beginner, it is too much to handle on their own. Therefore, blogging courses allow them to get real insights and save time.

So, instead of going through the whole process and then falling back. The instructional tutorials can help a lot.

Who Can Jump in Blogging?

Anyone interested in how search engines work and passionate about giving solutions to a niche audience. Most bloggers are their field experts and share their knowledge via blogs.

However, there’s a gap between publishing generic articles and optimized blogs. Blogging makes it possible to maintain a balance between humans and bots.

Typically, these are the individuals who can easily start as a blogger regardless of prior experience in it:

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Professional coaches, specialized consultants, & course developers
  • Freelancers from various industries and specializations
  • Tech startups and established software businesses
  • Digital product creators and e-commerce businesses
  • Independent & Solo Artists
  • Local service providers and agencies

7 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blogging Course

Buying a course is just like doing groceries, adding products to a cart, and swiping the card, right?

Yes, it is.

But the actual thing before diving into it is the criteria for selection. A parameter that fulfills everything to be considered.

So, here are the five tips to count before picking up the course bag.

  1. Duration

First of all, duration or time matters the most because of the student’s level.

A beginner needs to learn everything from scratch. On the other hand, an intermediate wants more knowledge skipped from the fundamentals.

Therefore, it’s up to the learner’s choice to go for short content or lengthy hours of videos. Make sure to calculate the availability of your time to decide better about it.

  1. Goals and Objectives

Determining the end goal will allow you to keep a keen eye on the target. For instance, if the goal is to publish 100 articles within the next two months, write it down. The more you calculate the outcome, the better you have the chance to get successes.

Further, you can feel the difference when you align the goals with the instructor’s guidelines. Some individuals start blogging as a fun activity with inconsistency, which is wrong.

First, you have to put effort into it, then it allows you to enjoy the sweet fruits.

  1. Course Content & Curriculum

A well-designed curriculum is better than a random piece of tutorial. The sequence minimizes the complexity of technical things. If you try to follow the same things with no hierarchy, you’ll get burned out sooner. So, make sure to select a well-organized blogging course.

  1. Instructors Credibility

Secondly, a non-pro focuses on selling courses and has no interest in providing real value. There are many fake Gurus who claim themselves as industry experts.

Yet, in reality, they are faking it.

However, it’s your responsibility to stay away from them and not get distracted. Also, you don’t need to worry as the below list is from Coursera and Udemy. Elite-level organizations worldwide recognize both of the platforms.

  1. Hands-On Training

The fault is with many online courses; instructors provide a full pack of theory courses. However, when it comes to implementation, the candidate gets confused about what to do or what to skip.

As there is a saying by Benjamin Franklin:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

That’s why you have to get involved to gain the experience. Remember, no matter how many courses a person consumes unless he or she implements it. There is no chance of growth at all.

  1. Platform’s Reputation

Have you ever noticed while streaming videos on YouTube, suddenly an ad starts playing? Hey, couch potatoes, today I’ll show you how to earn 10k a month while you sleep. All you have to do is get yourself into this master course and start generating passive income with blogging.


Many of the folks buy the stuff and then realize it’s not what they expected. They bought it from a single landing page. No support and no refunds.

To avoid this kind of situation, always choose a platform that backs you. Some of the world’s top learning platforms are Coursera and Udemy. Their customer support is outstanding and ensures refund when demanded.

  1. Price vs. Value

Higher prices don’t mean it will be amazing, nor does a lower price mean it’s a flop. Unless you consume the content, answering it is tricky.

To get a reference point, you just consider the instructor’s credibility. The chances are higher that you can pick the right course.

Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links that do not affect you. I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I’ve personally reviewed all the courses listed, and my opinions are honest and unbiased. Your support helps keep this blog running. Thank you!

5 Best Blogging Courses for Anyone

Below, I discussed the top 7 blogging courses. Each of them is reviewed critically, while the ranking is listed as per the number of students with top ratings.

1) Master Blogging in 2023: Proven Strategies for Content, Promotion & Monetization Success

Brad Merrill’s “Blogging Masterclass” on Udemy is an all-having guide to creating and maintaining a successful blog.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a bit of knowledge, it can give you a lot of insights. With over 142,841 students enrolled, this course stands out. It is one of the go-to resources for young and aspiring bloggers alike.

  • At a Glance
  • Rating on Udemy: 4.6 ⭐
  • Number of Reviews: 40,290+
  • Number of Students: 142,841 
  • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • Best for: All Levels of Learners
  • Instructor’s Name: Brad Merrill
  • Content-Length: 3.5 hours of videos plus three articles

In addition, the course offers an impressive 3.5 hours of on-demand video content. It is pretty enough for understanding the depth of each topic. The attachment of 3 well-researched articles allows learners to enjoy reading materials and video content.

You’ll get full lifetime access no matter which device you consume the content. Students can revisit the materials at their own pace and get instructor refresher updates. Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded a certificate. So they can attach an achievement to the resume for a relevant job.

For those who are thinking of getting in, Brad Merrill is the main brains behind this masterclass. His credibility brings to the table his vast expertise and dynamic teaching methods. He not only knows the art of blogging but also can convey complex ideas in a non-technical style.

Who is it for?

The course is for non-specialists to all levels of learners. Whether you’re an absolute newbie to blogging or someone with some experience, this masterclass promises to deliver value, and the number of sentiments is the witness.

2) Fundamentals of WordPress for Beginners by Brad Schiff

With over 43% of websites on the internet, the number is more than 810 million. Each site uses WordPress as its CMS as it is the most traditional, famous, and user-friendly platform.

Every blogger either starts his/her journey from blogger.com or WordPress. Therefore, it’s essential to understand this platform in detail and learn about it.

  • At a Glance:
  • Rating on Udemy: 4.6 ⭐
  • Number of Reviews: 6,901+
  • Number of Students: 20,644+
  • Certificate of completion: Yes
  • Best for: Beginner Focus
  • Instructor’s Name: Brad Schiff (Web Developer)
  • Content-Length: 4.5 hours of videos, plus 1 article and downloadable resource

The four-and-a-half-hour course fulfills the nitty gritty of WordPress. Covering the basics of getting a domain, connecting hosting, and publishing sites. You’ll learn nano-skills from it.

Since a blog is nothing without structure and design, building these aspects using HTML and CSS is like constructing a palace in sand grains. But don’t worry; WordPress, it’s free, and paid tools are amazing. Such as Elementor allows one to drag and drop the object and redefine the layout as needed.

Ideal for:

For beginners especially, this course is not more than a treasure. The “Beginner Focus” approach delivers everything with no prior knowledge requirement.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur with limited tech know-how or just someone swimming in their WordPress journey, Brad’s course has got you covered. It guarantees you not only learn how to set up and publish your blog but you’ll also gain the confidence to experiment on your own.

3) Social Media Marketing MASTERY 2023 | Understand 10+ Platforms

Most of you use Social media, but only for fun. If you do not know its power for earning perspective, it’s time to learn it.

Well, blogging is incomplete without social media. In fact, most of the traffic came from Social Media after SEO. The members of groups, pages, and communities promote the valuable content in their circles.

That’s why learning the art of Social Media Marketing and blogging is vital.

  • At a Glance
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Rating on Udemy: 4.4 ⭐
  • Instructor’s Name: ENVY
  • Best for: All Levels of Learners
  • Number of Students: 20,644+ 
  • Number of Reviews: 20,358 rating
  • Number of Social Media Platforms: 10+

This mastery course contains 10.5 hours of on-demand video and 34 articles. These are enough to start from the surface level. You’re going to find resources never seen before. Here’s the content distribution below:

Session / PlatformNumber of LecturesDuration
Introduction3 lectures24min
Social Media Marketing6 lectures23min
Facebook12 lectures3hr 58min
Instagram19 lectures1hr 25min
X.com (formerly Twitter)8 lectures42min
Pinterest5 lectures1hr 16min
Google Ads and Google My Business5 lectures26min
YouTube11 lectures56min
LinkedIn6 lectures33min
Other Social Media Platforms2 lectures39min
Landing Pages, Web 2.0 and Blogging3 lectures1min
Questions, Updates & Bonus Material3 lectures1min

One of the highlights of this course is its focus on Facebook & Instagram Marketing from A-Z. Suppose you want to acquire clients and run ads for them or promote personal brands. I guarantee after watching these sessions; you’ll bypass the beginner level.

As for the instructor, Course ENVY is not just a name but an agency considered a brand synonymous with Social Media Platforms.

But what does the crowd say? A 4.4-star rating on Udemy and over 20,358 ratings speak volumes about the quality. Whether you’re a beginner or someone with experience, this course adjusts to all levels of learners.

Bottom line? If you’re looking to step into the light-speed world of social media marketing or simply want to brush up your skills. Social Media Marketing MASTERY 2023 is well worth the investment. Beginners, especially, will find this course a goldmine.

Start Happy learning!

Don’t miss out on getting your certificate and attaching it to your resume.

4) Make a Living with Blogging and Start with a Small Budget

  • At a Glance
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Rating on Udemy: 4.7 ⭐
  • Number of Students: 20,644+
  • Best for: All Levels of Learners
  • Number of Reviews: 4,470 ratings
  • Instructor’s Name: Theo McArthur

Blogging can make more than just living, but only with well-established blogs. It may take thousands of dollars to start a simple blog.

That’s wrong.

In a world where blogging has become crowded, there are still many gaps to fill. This course offers a fresh perspective, focusing on how to make a blog successful. All you need is

  • A text editor such as Notepad. That’s it! No fancy software, no high-end tools. Just a basic text editor like Notepad, and you’re good to go.
  • Domain Name with hosting to launch the website and skills to write and publish content.
  • Ideas to write content and specific niche content.

Finding it complex or hard?

Now, let’s pause for a moment and reflect on it. This is a course that requires no previous experience. It means that the doors are wide open for anyone who is willing to learn.

I salute Theo, who just created 17.5 hours of video content. It’s about 70% of a day and enough for anyone to understand from scratch deeply.

Other than the videos, nine articles have 33 downloadable resources to get more insights. Now, it’s up to you to start blogging, and your words might become your livelihood!

5) 10 FREE Blogging Tools That Boom Your Blogging Will Make You a Better Blogger

  • At a Glance:
  • Best for: Starters
  • Rating on Udemy: 4.6 ⭐
  • Number of Students: 88,923+
  • INSTRUCTOR: Tyler Speegle
  • Cost: Zero Dollar
  • Number of Reviews: 5,350 ratings

Well, blogging is incomplete without tools. Even if you don’t have them, it’s like going to play without sports gear. The tools are here to help you and save precious time. No matter how hard a person works, using specific tools allows them to maximize productivity. Also, one can generate results within a short amount of time.

However, the content is concise and on the point; you’ll find no pep talks. You need a Laptop and internet connection to watch the content. You can stream it on the Udemy app for iOS and Android devices.

Whether you need an introduction to writing the first blog post, access to photos, or the best platforms to publish content, this quick course will cover everything to know.

Since many bloggers are stuck at the start and need a budget, I added this course to my list. Not only will you give it for free, but the tool recommendations are also free of cost. There are currently nearly 90k students who have gained benefit from it. You can be the one among them.


To summarize the above content, blogging is one of those income streams that allow you to make money while sleeping. At the same time, the publisher has to manage everything on their own at the start.

From setup to publishing to SEO activities, it takes so much time. You have to be consistent and committed to achieving the goals. The clicks and conversions will motivate you to keep moving and improving.

That’s why don’t underestimate it if no one reads it. Just keep the focus on pushing the quality content. Lastly, if you have time to learn, Theo McArthur’s course is an ideal fit. Otherwise, Brad Merrill’s masterclass is another great option to cover things within a short amount of time.

Best of luck from my side.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I start blogging without spending money?

Of course, you can start a blog for free. Many websites like Blogger, WordPress.com, and Weebly let you create a blog without spending any dollars. You can create a blog having the platform’s suffix of the domain.

What’s the annual cost if I want to start a blog?

Well, it all depends upon the domain price and hosting you select. If you’re serious and want standard domain and hosting, expect to pay around $100 annually. You can find cheaper options from Black Friday Sale or Cyber Monday Sale.

How many options are available to monetize my blog?

You’ve got many options. You can offer freelance services, promote products for a commission, advertise or sell banner space, and pay reviews on your blog. Most bloggers use commission-based platforms and ad revenue to get maximum gains.

Which platforms are free and suitable for beginners?

There are quite a few out there. WordPress.com, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, and Medium are all amazing. Yet, these platforms have many limitations, such as no prior features access, etc. That’s why, to start with full swing, buy a domain and host the site yourself.

Is blogging a good way to make money in 2023?

No doubt, yes. Blogging is a fantastic way to build a personal brand, make money, and reach more people. It’s going to stay on trend. Even in 2023, when the hype of video content is at its peak, blogging is unbreakable.

Fernando Sand

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